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Gschnitzer Alpaka Wanderung

Gschnitzer Alpaca


Alpacas are our passion

We are looking forward to your visit
on our farm in Gschnitz!

Since we, Renate and Franz, first came into contact with alpacas in 2009, we have been enthusiastic about the idea of our own alpaca breeding.
We attended several alpaca seminars on husbandry, care and veterinary medicine to learn all about these wonderful animals.
After some renovation work on our farm, we fulfilled our common dream and in spring 2016, as the first company in the Wipptal, we bought four alpaca mares, two of them pregnant.
In the meantime, our herd has grown to 20 alpacas and we, and our children, are still fascinated by these wonderful, noble and curious animals.

In the spring of 2022, 2 Wooly llamas also moved in with us. You can get to know a variety of New World camelids with us.

Gschnitzer Alpaka Wanderung

with our alpacas and llamas

We hike with our animals through the beautiful Gschnitz at a leisurely pace and in their very own rhythm. You lead one of our alpacas by the halter and get to know these gentle animals up close.

Gschnitzer Alpaka Wanderung

farm shop

Natural products from Tyrol

Alpaca wool counts
one of the most valuable natural fibers in the world.
The ideal fiber - developed by Mother Nature
and given to the good-natured alpaca.
We leave the precious wool of our alpacas
process into high-quality duvets and pillows.

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